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Where have I been?


As a few of you guessed I have been in Northern Ireland for the past ten days staying with my incredible in-laws.  I had tried to make sure a post went out each day, but to be honest the holiday sort of took over and I have been a bit negligent of my blog.  I will be using this week to catch up on replying to all your lovely comments and visiting all of your blogs and returning the favour!


Posting plans

I’ll not be doing much posting myself until Saturday, when I will chat about our lovely holiday in my usual Seasons of Joy post.  Next week I hope posting will return to normal.

New hair?

I couldn’t resist leaving a picture of my gorgeous girls and their fandabydosy new hair styles:

Ribbet collagehaircuts

Books for this week

As this is the last week, I think I have saved the best for last.  This selection includes the Apologia text book, answers book, and an incomplete notebook (missing first and second lessons) and an incomplete experimental kit (it is pretty much complete but may not contain full lesson one and two experimental materials).  T used this a couple of years ago for a short time but then chose to pursue IGCSE Physics instead.  I am finding that as the children reach the age for this curriculum we are naturally moving on the IGCSE science work.

Ribbet collagegeneral science

I am anticipating this being popular so it is very much the first person who emails me who will receive it.  For terms and conditions and email address see here

Be blessed!

Guess Where I’ve Been?



Cinquain Poetry by T13


The premise of Cover Story is that the author teaches the student how to write the entire content for a magazine with a theme of their own choosing.  T has chosen Fantasy Literature to base his magazine on.  He really enjoys the fantasy genre having read all the Narnia books, The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings before he was ten.  Harry Potter I wanted to put off for as long as possible and so he has only just read the entire set during one of his unschool weeks.  It is Hogwarts which is fresh in his mind so much of his work has been centered around the Hogwarts’ characters.

These are a couple of his Cinquain poems (5 line poetry)

Voldemort sending a spell at Harry


Killing spell

Flies towards Harry.

Hits chest, flung back,


 Azog fighting Thorin

A blade

Comes flying near

Thorin parries blade; thrust

Blade at Azog: pierces throat. Pain.

Dark death.

Here was I expecting a nice nature type poem, a bit like you would expect from a Haiku.  But no, instead I get death and darkness.  I thought the poem was good though!

Blossoming Love by C12


For their writing curriculum (Cover Story) the children needed to write a poem. I really enjoyed reading each of them and thought I would share some on my blog. We’ve done very little poetry before and they all (including T) really enjoyed this unit. Here is C12’s poem about love called Blossoming Love.

blossoming love

My cherished lady, oh so fair,

sitting astride a golden mare.

‘Can you help me fairest one,

shining like the golden sun?’

‘My heart is shorn, two pieces have I,

One for you as I say goodbye.

Keep it safe I’ll be back soon’

Shining shoulders as the moon,

black hair in sheets of black night sky,

Do I have to say good bye?

Cherish a kiss from one so fair,

sat astride a golden mare.

She gives her heart to love so bold,

gives her life to a beggar’s hold

A lake, a misty night….a stolen kiss,

a man must save the one he missed.

Beware you gentleman of the shire,

lest you are cast upon the fire.

Give your heart, to the one and only,

otherwise you’ll end up lonely.

Book Bonanza: The Next Five and an Announcement

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This is the penultimate week I will be posting five books.  I have given away lots and lots of books over the past few weeks and it has made my heart sing and feel very grateful that I have such a surplus to be able to offer them to you.  I have emptied my shelves of all of the maths books I know we will not be using any more, as well as some science ones in the process.  I have many more, I am sure, which could do with going to some new homes.  My organisation needs to catch up however (being organised is not a forte of mine).  Once I have organised and surveyed the books I have left I will probably return to give away more.  For now though, here are this week’s offerings:


The first two are Saxon 76 text book as well as teachers answer book (answer book has no cover on it, but is complete in terms of answers)


DSC_0489more books

The next two are hard back Saxon 65 both student and teacher.

In addition to these I have another answer book, complete with tests and answers as well as a student work book.  I bought this to help my maths phobic daughter.  She really struggled with maths (although not any more!!) and completed a few of the lessons.  I will remove the lessons she completed and send the rest of the book to whomever might like it.  But you should know it is not complete.

DSC_0487more books

Be blessed!

See my Books page for ‘terms and conditions’

Ancient Mesopotamia Unit Study



This post includes all of the work we have done on Ancient Mesopotamia.  I will be starting a new unit with my little ones next year, so this will be added to.  Mesopotamia was our first foray into curriculum free study, and we loved it!  The children are aged about 7 during the first four posts and about 9 in the last one.

Mesopotamia: Part 1 – Resources


Mesopotamia: Part 2 – Writing and hands-on activities

Mesopotamia: Part 3 – Wrap Up Feast and Field Trip

Mesopotamia: Part 4 – End of Unit Presentation

Hammurabi Leadership Study and Law study



Seasons of Joy: We were made to THRIVE


So, I was feeling a bit harassed with the day.  Nothing specific was causing it, just too much going on in life and in my head.  I don’t often feel like this and when I do Gary is fantastic at taking the children out to allow me some space.  I don’t need much time, just enough to listen to some worship music from my favourite band, Casting Crowns.  I listened to Thrive (posted on the video below) on full volume and belted my little heart out.  If anyone had been listening they would almost certainly have cringed.  A singer I am not.  A worshipper I am.  Left to worship God alone for a few minutes, loudly and very out of tune, from the depths of my being created a joy in me which was inexplicable.  My father in law always says that by the time our praise reaches Heaven it is perfectly in tune.  Oh, I do hope so!

Gary and the children came home to a different mummy (or in Gary’s case, wife), a fact they commented on immediately (although to be fair I was still singing and had upped my activity level by dancing manically in the kitchen.  A dancer I am not….)

 Flood our souls with just one desire:

Just to know You and to make You known,

We lift your Name on high,

Shine like the sun, make darkness run and hide

We were made for so much more than ordinary lives,

It’s time for us to more than just survive,

We were made to thrive!

Joy unspeakable,

Faith unsinkable

Love unstoppable,

Anything is possible.

Often joy doesn’t fall into our laps.  Often it is something we determine to search for.  And when it comes………anything is possible.

‘Oh, come and let us sing to the Lord; let us make a joyful noise to the rock of our salvation.’ (Psalm 95:1)

‘Be joyful always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus’ (I Thessalonians 5:16-18)

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