Being a bit clueless

Gary merely raised his eyebrows when I announced I was going to start a blog. You know, in that ‘yeah, sure sweetheart!’ When I then told him I already had, well he very nearly fell off his seat! This pretty much tells you all you need to know about me! I’ve been told, frankly far too many times, that I should have been born in a different century. To say I’m a bit naff at this electronic stuff is an under exaggeration of the greatest degree. I don’t own a mobile, don’t have a clue how to even answer Gary’s and look blankly at him frequently whilst trying to get the hang of our apparently simple computer. But I have dreams. I have aspirations. Albeit not terribly realistic ones.

My favourite blogs are those that I can learn from, that have photos and are beautiful to look at. Naturally that is how I want my blog to be. But how??? A journey of a thousand steps starts with the first one…. or something like that. So this is my first step.

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