Thoughts of a Weighty Kind

Anyone who knows me in real life would know how much I LOVE eating food, anyone who knows me in real life knows how I HATE not eating food.  I don’t have a great partiality to any particular type of food, nor do sit and munch my way through a whole packet of biscuits, but I love good food.  I have always lamented the fact that my metabolism wasn’t what it should be and after five children it is really starting to show.  To be honest, I could have said that last sentence after my first child.  Did I mention just how much I love good food??

Anyway, back in October I, very reluctantly, joined Weight Watchers.  As I sat there listening to the leader tell me what choices would be the best for me all I could think of was the lovely dinner that awaited me when I got home.  Enthusiastic I was not.  I was to learn that every Monday I would be sitting in a Weight Watcher meeting, dreaming about the dinner that awaited me at home.   You see, Weight Watchers don’t  eat before weighing themselves.  However, there are many things that Weight Watchers do do…such as go to the ladies before they are weighed, take off almost every item of clothing, jewelery and anything else that might cause the scales to tip, and come up with a host of perfectly reasonable explanations why, even after all the aforementioned remonstrations, the scales don’t show in their favour.  The one thing that us Weight Watchers don’t do, it seems, is stop eating.  It was of much amusement to me when I first walked into the meeting to observe that, almost without exception, every person there was munching on something.  Albeit food of the Weight Watcher kind.  You see, one walks in, pays one’s due, gets weighed in and is then assaulted with an onslaught of products.  And you know that saying never shop when you’re hungry?  Well, us Weight Watchers are STARVING by the time we get to the meeting; having used up much energy ensuring we are toileted, undressed and that our leader is fully cognizant of every food nuance that has occurred that week.  So the queue to the food is often longer than the queue to be weighed in.

All this said, remarkably I have had some success (and failures, but this is my blog so I intend to ignore those!).  Since September I have lost 31 1/2 pounds.  That’s actually only just over two stone but 31 and 1/2 pounds sounds so much more.  My family, as always, have been most supportive.  My children have been especially enthusiastic given that less food for mummy ultimately means more food for them!

I find losing weight incredibly difficult.  I admire those that do immensely.  I have lost three pounds this week, which would have been great, but you should know I put on 3 1/2 last week.  This is so hard!!!

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