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Preschool Adventure Box: B4FIAR Jessie Bear

BFIAR-Jesse Bear What Will You Wear

Last year A3, who was at the time just 2, announced that she knew her letters and sounds and could I PLEASE teach her to read.  I back peddled.  I had only given birth a few months prior and I really wasn’t ready.  In the end though I bowed to pressure.  She loved it.  I mean loved it.  She would ask to do school everyday, weekends and all.  However it soon became apparent that she simply was not mature enough to learn to read.  Yes, she knew her sounds and her diphthongs but she just couldn’t put them together.  I was using Jolly Phonics and they require that your child know certain words before moving on.  No matter how hard she tried she couldn’t blend.  By this Christmas we decided to stop and wait awhile.

By the end of February her general behaviour had gradually become worse.  She has always been a delight, very strong-willed but a delight none the less.  She wasn’t quite so delightful anymore.  I could see she wanted to be but something was wrong.  Knowing me as I do, and knowing that if one of our children took almost exclusively after me it was her, I knew what was wrong.  She wasn’t busy enough and she wasn’t being stretched enough.  Not so much boredom but a lack of stimulation.

The older ones learnt to read using ACE, which begun with a lovely pre-school program..  For various reasons we didn’t want to use this again.  Along side this I used BFIAR, mainly just for reading aloud and snuggle time.  I have decided to use this program for A3, but in a more lapbook type way, and with lots and lots of activities.  The older children already spend 1/2 an hour a day each with the younger  two doing fun activities.  We all talked and decided that it would be great for them to do some activities linked with the BFIAR.

FIAR is a lovely gentle curriculum, where you read a book five days in a row and use the book as a spring-board for many educational opportunities.  Before FIAR is for 2-4 year olds and so is pitched at A3’s age.  Our first book will be Jesse Bear.  I’ve pulled together lots of lap book activities from the FIAR digitals to freebies from Home School Share:

BFIAR-Jesse Bear-lap book

I also went through all our bits for bear related activities:

BFIAR-Jesse Bear-activities-resources

So this week has been all about A3, and what a week it’s been.  It was so the right decision to start her on BFIAR.  I’m still struggling to keep up with her.  I thought I easily had enough activities to last the week, but by Wednesday she had done everything at least once if not much more.  I’ve had to think up extra stuff to do.  You know you’re on to a winner when the last words she says at night are, ‘Mummy, can we do more school , please?’ and then promptly falls asleep!

We’ve had great fun, the olders have thoroughly enjoyed it too and we have a very happy (and well-behaved) little daughter.  Without further ado here is our week in a few pictures:

Our sprouts that hopefully will be sprouted by party time:

BFIAR-Jesse Bear-Growing Cress

Our bear masks:

BFIAR-Jesse Bear-printable masks

Our own little bear completing her tray activities:

BFIAR-Jesse Bear-Tray activities

Sorting and eating, more activities with mummy:

BFIAR-Jesse Bear-Hands On-Maths activities

BFIAR-Jesse Bear-Maths activities-hands on

Our Bear Pancake:

BFIAR-Jesse Bear-pancake

And her lap book:

BFIAR-Jesse Bear-What Will You Wear-Lapbook

BFIAR-Jesse Bear-Lapbook pieces

BFIAR-Jesse Bear-Dress Up Paper Doll

Resources from Homeschool Share, and BFIAR fold and learn

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5 comments on “Preschool Adventure Box: B4FIAR Jessie Bear

  1. Fun, fun, fun!

  2. Where did you get the mask from? Did you print it?

  3. I am using FIAR with my two oldest children, and will be starting Before with my preschooler next. She’s almost 3 and wants to “do school” like her brothers. I think Before will PERFECT for her, and I’m actually really excited about Jesse Bear! 🙂

    • I’m sure you will love it. BFIAR is so simple to use and is basically an excuse to spend lots of lovely time with your little’uns!

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