Mother’s Day

Yesterday was Mother’s Day, traditionally a time for mother’s to TAKE IT EASY; a time for lie ins, for breakfast in bed, maybe flowers, definitely a time to luxuriate in being spoilt rotten!  That is unless you have a husband who is leading worship and needs to be at church early, you’ve invited a family for lunch (completely forgetting that it’s Mother’s Day) and your almost youngest daughter has a nasty fall and ends up in A & E for a couple of hours!

For all this, I had a lovely day.  My son proudly presented me with a wooden vase that he had hollowed out all by himself and placed a single dried rose inside it.  Yes I cried!  He knows I have a partiality to dried roses, we have them hanging all around our house, so he dreamt up this gorgeous present and made it in secret for me.  Can I tell you how precious that was to me?  Thankyou sweetheart!!


My beautiful vase:


Something else that brought a lump to my throat were the words written in my cards, they spoke of love, closeness and gratefulness.  For me, all of them thanking me for homeschooling them made my day!  These are words that will stay the years, that I can read and reread and keep for always.

Lastly, after we’d cooked, eaten and dashed to and from A & E we finally ended up at our local, centuries old, church.  (The one Gary and I got married in!)  The children belong to a children’s choir and were singing at a special service for all the mums.  I could see, even from my seat at the back, my three singing their little hearts out, looking straight at me.  I sat there with tears trickling down my face as I snuggled up to my 3 year old, with my husband and baby sitting next to me.  I’m not sure life gets much better than this and I’m so very thankful.

It was a beautiful day full of truly treasured memories and made me realise that it’s not in the spoiling but in the love that Mother’s day is made!

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