Preschool Adventure Box: The Runaway Bunny


This week a tummy bug struck and school as we know it died a slow death!  We did fairly well Monday and Tuesday but were in bed until Friday, when everyone had recovered sufficiently to do a bit of fun schooling.

Runaway Bunny Muffin Tin Meal

This week we were learning from B4FIAR The Runaway Bunny.  We simply read lots and did activities when able.  We were well enough to participate in muffin tin Monday:

BFIAR-Runaway Bunny-muffin tin meal

Our Muffin Tin was based on B4FIAR book The Runaway Bunny.  This book is about a bunny who goes to great extremes to runaway from his mummy.  She pursues him so thoroughly that in the end he decides it’s probably better just to stay with her!  Here is our tin:

BFIAR-Runaway Bunny- muffin tin meal 2

I made some tortilla cheese bunny shaped sandwiches resting on some basil to represent the two bunnies climbing the mountain top; we made a chocolate bunny lolly holding a strawberry on a stick (fishing net) ‘fishing’ in a pond of rather revolting looking blue jelly with raspberries in;  We also made chocolate covered tortillas and placed them in a flower bed of little gem biscuits to represent the garden;  I made some boats out of mini Babybel cheeses, which I halved, attaching half a tomato using a cocktail stick and added some basil sails and finally I added the obligatory mini carrots.  All in all a fun tin,  well A4 certainly thought so and she loved the blue jelly!!

Runaway Bunny Snacks

We continue to do all things bunny related and are having lots of fun in the kitchen:

1. Chocolate Bunny Lollies: 

BFIAR-Runaway Bunny-Chocolate Bunny

A4 melted the chocolate and then put it into the molds and allowed to harden

2. Chocolate bunny tortillas

A4 cut out some bunny tortillas and then spread them with chocolate spread.

3. Rabbit shaped scones:

BFIAR-Runaway Bunny-Scones

Runaway Bunny Sensory Bin

I made up a Runaway Bunny sensory bin which they loved!  It has a large fluffy mummy bunny and a smaller plastic baby bunny.  Fake flowers and lots of pompoms for extra floral effect!  Birds, trees, a shovel, rake and a wheel barrow.  I also added bits of a magnetic fishing puzzle with a fishing net.

BFIAR-Runaway Bunny-Sensory Bin

Runaway Bunny Tray Activities

I also arranged a few tray activities for A4 whenever she felt like it.  These included a Melissa & Doug Bug-Catching Magnetic Puzzle Game and some bunny cutouts with some paints, and of course the sensory tray:

BFIAR-Runaway Bunny-Activity trays

Runaway Bunny Gardening

By Friday she was well enough to do a little light gardening with Daddy.  In the book the Runaway Bunny hides from his mummy in the garden, among the crocus’, so we thought it would be fun to plant some and watch them come up over the next few weeks:

BFIAR-Runaway Bunny-Gardening

A good week considering the illness.

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