Kids in the Kitchen – Even More Bunny Snacks

This is our last week of bunny fun.  I’ve been trying to teach our little bunny how to made some easy-peasy snacks each week.  We were going to do this one last week, but the week somehow disappeared without me realising!  So this weeks bunny snack is a variation on a recipe (in the loosest possible terms!) I taught my older girls as part of their beautiful girlhood.  It is called cinnamon tortilla crisps.  They are so easy and really delicious.  Of course the variation is the fact that these will be bunny shaped!  Simply take a tortilla, spread thinly with soft butter and sprinkle over a mixture of brown sugar and cinnamon.  Bake in a hot oven for a couple of minutes, until crispy.  Yummy!

Buttering her tortilla
More buttering…
Cutting out the bunnies
Sprinkling the sugar
Ready for the oven
Waiting for my little bunny to eat them!

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