Caps for Sale

Caps for Sale


We have decided to forgo most printables for this year, as I was struggling to manage the cutting out required (in terms of time not dexterity!).  A4 does lots of worksheet type activities with her Jolly Phonics and Mathusee so I didn’t think she would miss out too much.  I already do an hour of 1-2-1 school time with A4.  I wanted B4FIAR to be non-intensive mummy time, lots of reading, playing and building lots of lovely family relationships!

Each day, whilst I had a snuggle with B1 before her nap, the children played a monkey game together ( )  This game was great for the age range I have and everyone joined in enthusiastically:


As soon as B1 is up from her nap it’s muffin tin time:

I made caps from tortillas, cheese, tomatoes and grapes; monkeys from cut out digestive biscuits, cheese slices and grapes; banana slices and chocolate coins to buy the caps!
My girl and her muffin tin

The sensory bin this week is a fun collection of play mobil and felt.  We found lots of monkeys, a man, a tree and lots of caps.  I put in a sheet of green felt and cut out a sun, marking a face with a sharpie.  (The children immediately recognised this as personification):


And all mixed up (how B1 and A4 received it):


Sensory trays are great for free play as well as acting out the story with the older ones.

Of course they did lots of tray activities:

Another monkey game called Tumbling Monkeys, join the dot colouring in sheets and a paint swirler (nothing whatsoever to do with monkeys but a bargain I picked up from the charity shop on Tuesday!)
T10 and A4 playing Tumbling Monkeys
C10 and A4 swirling paint
Play dough and monkey shaped cutters
My little monkey with her three monkey creations
C10 reads a monkey book whilst A4 does the puzzle that came with the book
L10 and A4 using jungle animal stamps
The wooden monkeys are useful for building and placing in order of size as well as imaginative play- a great charity shop buy for 49p!

Some of B1’s trays:

Playdough and cutters, Caps for Sale sensory box, 5 little monkeys jumping on the bed story telling box
B1 delighting in play dough
Chewing on the 5 little monkeys
T10 acting out 5 little monkeys
Wooden monkeys to chew, stickle bricks and the sensory box
So cute

Delightful Learning

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