Making an Aged Viking Map


How about now?

I wanted to make a map, age it to look like a viking map, pop co-ordinates on it and do some lovely Viking maths!  So I took a photo of our big papier mache map, printed it out, tore the edges off the paper and dunked it into some strong tea:

I put them on our paper making sheets so that as they dried they wouldn’t stick and I pressed down to soak off excess water with a towel:

I left them to dry completely:

And viola!  Homemade Viking maps.  Took less than five minutes and cost almost nothing. (paper, ink and tea)  I’m chuffed with them.  That night whilst watching reruns of CIS with my gorgeous husband, I marked a grid and put in X, Y co-ordinates:

I think hands on maths is WAY more fun for mummy than the text books!!


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