Forever, and For Always

I am Yours.

Source: Casting Crowns ‘Who am I?’

17 comments on “Forever, and For Always

  1. Thanks for that. We are so unworthy! And yet, He loves us anyway. I’m not sure if you’ve heard of Kari Jobe but I love her rendition of Revelation Song. You can find an awesome YouTube video here: (from the Passion 2013 conference).

  2. Amen.
    Have a lovely weekend,Claire

  3. I like that!!

  4. I love reading about all the great things you do with your children. I nominated you for a blog award. Feel free to pass on to others that you love to follow

  5. We were listening to music earlier and I was thinking how incredibly true this is.

    • Music can be incredibly powerful. I’ve heard this song millions of times but it still brings tears of realisation every time I listen to it.

  6. I love how God had no borders and no boundaries… How ‘strangers’ who have never met, actually are not strangers at all because we share Him…
    Have a beautiful, peaceful and blessed Easter! x

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