Top Ten Posts this School Year

I’ve been noticing a smattering of top ten posts of the year and thought I would take a look at mine.  I was really surprised, they would not all have been my choices!  Here are the most widely read posts this school year (2012-2013):

Viking Runes

Helping Children Edit Their Own Writing

Preschool Adventure Box: We’re Going on a Bear Hunt

Young Scientists at Play

Preschool Adventure Box: B4FIAR Goodnight Moon

Apologia Science Chapter Two: Bones

Feudalism in the MiddleAges and the Four Alls

Preschool Adventure Box: B4FIAR: Yellow Ball

Making a Board Game to Reinforce Learning

Young Scientists at Play: Concoction Lab


13 comments on “Top Ten Posts this School Year

  1. What a list to be proud of…all posts with substance.

  2. I simply have to jump in here in defense of my adopted pond… the Pond ones are MY favourites… just saying… defending my pond and all… Although I hang on pretty much every word you put in your blog-posts… 😉

    • Ha Ha!! I’m doing my favourites tomorrow. I obviously have no taste because not one of mine featured in this list!
      Leizel, I don’t know if you noticed the maths curriculum I mentioned in my last ‘challenge’ post, but I was looking at it today and noticed that they are slowly modifying it for South Africa and it made me think of you and your move to England and I thought it might be worth thinking about?? It’s free as well which is always handy!

  3. Those posts don’t really surprise me. I’ve found people are eager to find serious content about subject areas, and that’s exactly what I see pinned and repinned often.

  4. The writing one was VERY helpful for us!

  5. OK ….I could have viewed that one a couple of times. Accounting for many of the views 🙂

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