Parallel Worlds

This morning I had a slightly surreal experience.

Me: Right, I’m school planning, no one is to disturb me, okay?

I look pointedly at my youngest twin, who is verbal, excitable and absolutely scrumptious.

C10:  Don’t worry mummy, I’ll not be disturbing you.  I’m school planning too.

Me: Eh?

C10: A4 has asked me to teach her how to write so I’m school planning!

I glance over her shoulder.  There in front of her are comprehensive school plans with a reward chart for good learning behaviour, and all manner of coloured stickers.

I’ve stepped into a parallel universe.  Weird (but slightly wonderful as well).  I go back to my school planning, which bizarrely includes plans for teaching A4 to write.  Maybe they should be scrapped.  C10’s look far better.

14 comments on “Parallel Worlds

  1. LOL.

  2. Aaah!!! Will you look at that! Bless her! You may be in for some time off here and there Claire!

  3. Ha! That’s awesome.

  4. Pictures, please! 🙂

  5. Perfectly wonderful and humbling when the student becomes the teacher hey .. xo

  6. It’s sounds like your older children are definitely getting ready to “grow up”! Well done to you Claire – keep up the hard work 🙂

    • Thanks Jo, although maybe if I peek into my future, that hard work will be less? I’m planning on getting my older ones to school my younger ones and I’m going to retire!!

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