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New School Room: Science Nook

A few of you asked for photos of some of our new educational nooks.  I’ll post them as they are finished, and as work is very slooooow at the moment it will probably amount to a post every few months!  Anyway, here is the science nook, almost finished:
Ribbet collage science

  1. Here Gary is attaching the shelves he made.  These will hold all of our science equipment.  My goal with this is that the children will be able to see what we have and therefore use it more often.
  2. Gary also made some book shelves to go either side of the fireplace.  These will hold all our science books.
  3. He stained these with a lovely dark oak stain.
  4. In the fire-place we are keeping all our science supplies in storage boxes

Ribbet collage science 2

  1. Whilst Gary was at work I painted the wall a lovely green and stained his shelves in the same oak stain as he had used on the book cases
  2. I hung some curtains I had hand-made a few years ago.  They are an oatmeal with a cute green leaf motive
  3. And here they are close up
  4. The shelves have now been filled with all their science bits and pieces

We still need to add the science table, which will be a piece of wood screwed onto the mantle piece.  We won't do that until the end, when we do all the work surfaces together.

The final photo show it almost completed.  We still need to add the science table, which will basically be a work surface screwed into the mantle and a second shelf underneath to store discovery trays for the little ones.  This will be done right at the end when we put up all the work surfaces around the room as personal offices for everyone.  Already the children are naturally turning to their science nook and using equipment I think they had forgotten they owned!

16 comments on “New School Room: Science Nook

  1. Aren’t I clever? Lol!

  2. Wonderful! I love the science stuff being in view.
    Blessings, Dawn

  3. Nice job, Gary! Your science corner is great – just calling out for experiments!

  4. Gary is clever! All those extra shelves – we could use more of those! The science nooks looks great and oh so organized!

  5. Yes, Gary, you are clever. What a wonderful nook!

  6. Ticia Adventures in Mommydom

    I love your science nook. I’ve found when I first put stuff out again it gets a lot of use.

  7. Gary is doing a fantastic job of making more space for everything. It is nice to have things in sight. I usually forget we have something or don’t have the energy to try to dig it out of the garage:(
    Keep at it. It will get done, eventually:)
    Have a lovely day, Claire.

    • My life has suddenly got much busier than I’m typically comfortable with. I need some down time!! (…but the school room keeps calling!)

  8. Awesome nook! I like your curtain too. I need to re-liberate our stuff. It seems to have made its way back behind cupboard doors where it sits neglected.

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