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Learning Opposites with Little Miss Neat


Using the above book I introduced the concept of opposites.  I’m not B3 really understood but she enjoyed listening.  I had photocopied some of the book covers of Mr Men and Little Miss characters, which were perfect for playing an opposites matching game:

Handily, there are many characters which can be used to demonstrate opposites in a very simple way to little ones.
Handily, there are many characters which can be used to demonstrate opposites in a very simple way to little ones.

First I had A5 pair up the antonyms:


She then suggested we play pairs but instead of the pairs containing the same character they would contain opposite characters.  She proceeded to turn them all upside down and won every game we played.

After which she bullied her older sisters into playing some more with her:


A5 also completed the pages from her magazines which pertained to opposites:

Ribbet collageNEAT

Learning with the Mr Men books is such a pleasure and the possibilities seem endless.  Both girls ask for activities all the time and I am struggling to keep up.  That said, when your five-year old is hoaking through your Mr Men cupboard for more work pages and activities to do morning, noon and night, not to mention Saturday and Sunday, you can’t really complain!

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12 comments on “Learning Opposites with Little Miss Neat

  1. It is amazing how much can be learned and used with the Mr Men books!

  2. These seem like such lovely little books. The magazines are also a good addition and seem to support all you do with your little ones.

  3. Ticia Adventures in Mommydom

    My kids always win every turn too. It’s amazing to me.

  4. “…bullied her sisters” – kids that age have a real talent, don’t they? 🙂
    I used to love the Mr. Men books when I was little. I’m really enjoying the posts you do about them!

  5. What a great way to learn about opposites! The Mr Men books are so versatile.

  6. What a fun way to learn about opposites. I AM going to buy those books one day, even just for my own enjoyment! (My children think I am silly!)

  7. You know, your children would enjoy them as well, I’m sure! My three older ones do anyway!

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