The Ancient Mayans were incredibly interesting to study.  We completed a lap book, a Mayan dig and made some Mayan pottery.

The Mayan part of their lap book:

The findings from our Mayan dig:

And clay pottery and painting Mayan style:


Tomorrow I will post about our Aztec study

13 comments on “Ancient Mayans

  1. Looks like fun! We love lapbooks, we’re just working on a Narnia one at the moment.

  2. We used to do quite a few lapbooks. Now, we do more notebooking. I love the pottery. I wish I had done more of that kind of activity when the children were younger.
    I think it is great you are getting all of these posts on your blog. You are quite a resource for homeschoolers.
    Have a lovely day, Claire.

    • Thanks Donna. To be honest I put up these posts because I had prewritten them and I didn’t want to do anything after the presentation. I needed to recover

  3. I love your Mayan dig, what great things they found.

  4. This is really helpful. We’ll be doing explorers this year and the early American people will come up I am sure. Thank you!

  5. Where did you get the lapbook? It looks great. Where did you get the items for the dig?

  6. The pottery looks fun! Is that a mortar and pestle?

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