Precious Memories

This week I’m letting my pictures do the talking…..

Ribbet collage2

Ribbet collage3

Ribbet collage4

DSC_0676 beach

Ribbet collage5

Ribbet collage6

Ribbet collage8

Ribbet collage1

And we also managed a bit of school work:

Ribbet collage 9

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend filled with love and laughter!

  photo 50ee37ee-4f60-43f2-83eb-bb7deb75fd49_zpsbacda61d.png


30 comments on “Precious Memories

  1. What a lovely week. The beach looks like a wonderful way to pass some time.
    Blessings, Dawn

    • We live over an hour away from the beach so only go now once a month, but it is well worth the wait. One of my favourite places to go ever!

  2. Sweet pictures!

  3. Gorgeous photos, looks like you had a fabulous week 🙂

  4. Carolyn Lewis

    What gorgeous lovely family photos of enjoyment and happiness of your wonderful children. xxxxx

  5. Oh what gorgeous photos of your family, Claire! I love all the interactions between siblings.

    I just stopped by to give you a link to the Periodic Videos site. I saw your comment on Hwee’s blog. So here it is:


  6. How lovely! Your weekly photos always bring a smile to my face. Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. Oh, looks like so much fun. They certainly look happy too.

    • We all love going to the beach and only go once a month, so when we do go we LOVE it!

  8. What a great week! And great photos! I love how close everyone in your family is to each other. I especially love the photo of all of them at the beach. You know how I love the beach!

  9. So sweet. I love the beach pictures. We are h o u r s away from the ocean. The love of your family really shows through in your photos. You have truly gorgeous children, Claire. Their smiles are infectious!
    Thank you for sharing. Have a most excellent weekend.
    P.S. Love the collages.

    • I tried to reply to your last reply and couldn’t. Hmm. So, here I am again. Thank you for your sweet comments. We had a wonderful time and yes, eventually, maybe soon, I will get pictures up for you to see. We always are so excited to go and so sad to leave. It is nice to be back and see all you have done. I am exhausted just looking at how busy you have been! I may need another vacation!!!

      • LOL! I don’t feel we are achieving as much since I started to sleep. In fact, I am finding sleep takes up rather a lot of time! Not that I’m complaining though. I have a lot of catching up to do. I hope you had a wonderful weekend!

  10. Haha I love that cleaning the toilet was included in the schoolwork picture! That’s the wonderful thing about homeschooling, you can teach them all the life skills they’ll need, like housework and mindfulness and manners and the fruits of the spirit.

    • Thanks May. We were testing the toilet for microbes! We’re growing them on agar in a petri dish – it’s a bit gross actually!! Hope you had a lovely weekend.

  11. Karen @ Homeschool Girls

    What a lovely week Claire!! I just love all the pictures. ‘The kite flying pictures are gorgeous!! And great job on the Van Eyck paintings! Happy weekend.

    • Poor T was having a terrible time getting the kite up – hence Daddy helping him. Once it was up he was fine!

  12. love, love, love your precious memories!

  13. Happy Happy Sigh indeed! Love how close the siblings are to each other, and how much they support and look out for each other. Hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend!

    • I love watching their relationships as well!
      Marie, have my comments been coming through on your blog? I’m not seeing them??

      • Hi Claire, been dealing with a problem computer since last Thursday while trying to build a new website- and so have been neglecting my blog! Will get back to it once I’m done beating my head against the wall 🙂

  14. That’s a truly lovely week. I can never resist getting in my two cents, so I rarely just let my pictures talk, but yours did beautifully.

    • Truth is I have less time now I sleep, so it’s a struggle to get posts up. Less writing means less time which means I might actually get a post posted (if you see what I mean!)

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