Feelin’ Grotty


Apart from Gary and I, everyone is feeling grotty with absolutely no wish to be photographed (quite understandably!).  We’ve done very little this week.  Lots of TLC, honey and lemon hot drinks and DVD watching.


22 comments on “Feelin’ Grotty

  1. Oh well, it happens. 🙂 Have a great weekend, nonetheless!

  2. Sorry to hear everyone is down and out. I hope next week is full of fun and health.
    Blessings, Dawn

  3. Feel better all, very soon!

  4. RavenThreads

    Hope everyone feels better soon!

  5. Oh, I am sorry you all feel so bad. Mine are getting so that they don’t want to me to take pictures of them at all, which sometimes makes it hard to make a post! Grotty? I love all the English expressions that you use.

  6. Hugs, enjoy the extra cuddles as they’re sick.

  7. I hope they make a quick recovery. In the meantime TLC and DVDs sound pretty good.

    • Thank you, although if I have to be subjected to the Lion King one more time I might scream!

  8. Hope everyone is feeling better soon!

  9. Hope everyone feels better very soon!

  10. Sorry it’s been one of those weeks. I hope everyone gets to feeling better without the adults feeling worse.

  11. I have never heard “grotty,” but I think that is how I have been feeling, hence the lack of blogging and most everything else. Time to get out of the dumps and grumps and slumps and get back to life.

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