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Mr Men School: Partnered Reading

In my last post I wrote about all we had done to encourage my six-year-old with her reading and I mentioned that partnered reading was one such strategy.

I began to partner A6 about five months ago.  The Mr Men magazines always have at least one comic like story based on one of the Mr Men characters.  The sentences are short and when combined with the pictures help to make reading enjoyable for her:


However, she particularly likes it when I am sat next to her taking it in turns with the reading.

When I first started this, I would read the story, using my finger to point to the word I was reading.  Every time I came to a word/few words I knew A6 was familiar with I paused whilst she read.  We continued in this vein until we had finished the story.

As she progressed I left out more and more words.  Then we began taking it in turns to read one box each, alternating until every box had been read.  I take note of the words she is struggling with and when we read the story again the next day I specifically pause for those words.  The goal was for her to master much of the story herself.  Some she has found easier than others, but this is a fun and stress free way to sneak in a bit of fun reading.

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8 comments on “Mr Men School: Partnered Reading

  1. I taught Tiger to read in a similar fashion. 🙂 Sounds like A6 will be reading fluently very soon!

  2. I love your Mr Men School!

  3. That’s always such a great way to do school.

  4. almostunschoolers

    I used this in the classroom last year, when I was working as a reading teacher, with struggling students. It seemed to help – and definitely kept things stress free.

    • Yes, stress free was what I wanted. I think it is probably her favourite way of reading. She is getting there, slowly but surely.

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