The Angelicscalliwags Home School

In my quest to organise my blog, I am gathering all related posts into one post to make them easier to find.

This post contains my very brief series about how we home school.  This series was born out of necessity, to answer emails I receive each week asking me how I do things.  I found myself answering each email fairly similarly and decided if I did a few posts I maybe wouldn’t have to keep writing the same stuff over and over.  I hope you find them useful in some way or another!

For Part One: Introduction

For Part Two: Why History?

The children with their masterpiece!

For Part Three: Era, Person, Dress Up, Geography, Explorer study

Oh goodness, be still my beating heart!  So cute!

For Part Four: Reading and Literature Studies

Our very own Circle of Hell

For Part Five: Writing, Narrations and Re-enactments

He was allocated land and helots to work it.  This freed up the Spartan to pursue his military career

For Part Six: Art, Artists, Music and Composers

Our final replication of the original tomb painting.  Not bad T11, L10 and C10!

For Part Seven: Wrapping Up with Presentations and Field Trips

T did his presentation on mummification and in particular Tutankhamen

For Part Eight: Morning Meeting

Morning meeting

For Part Nine: Quiet Time


You will be able to find the link/icon for this post in the History/Geography page and the About Us page.


    1. Hi Clara!
      My answer, probably unhelpfully, is however long it takes! I’ll be doing the Tudors and Stuarts for a whole year in 2015, but only did the Ancient Chinese for three months. HTH

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