We’ve been making summer adventure boxes for years.  They are so useful for building anticipation as the children gleefully watch them fill up with goodies over the preceding weeks.

We already had most of the book resources (I often buy resources a year or two in advance) and we always keep a well stocked dressing up box.  The majority of the expense has been for the film productions of the plays.  We used YouTube whenever possible and the rest we found on Amazon for a good price.  We are re-purposing their dressing up box as this summer’s Shakespeare adventure box, simply because it was the only box big enough for everything to fit into!

Ribbet collageadvbox7

Here’s what we filled it with:



  • Fiction books set in Shakespearean times, featuring (to a lesser or greater extent) Shakespeare:



  • Books about Shakespeare:


  • Books about the Globe Theater:


  • A variety of children’s versions of the plays we are covering:

Ribbet collageshakespeare



  • A copy each of the original play A Midsummer Night’s Dream:


  • DVDs including Globe theater productions, BBC productions, modern interpretations, musicals…


  • A folder for each child with all the worksheets and information sheets as well as planning sheets:


  • My own planning folder with the following week worth of planning in:

Ribbet collageadvbox5

  • Polaroid camera with lots of film, ribbon with mini pegs to put up our human slide show:

Ribbet collageadvbox3

  • Lots of Dressing up and material to make dressing up….

Ribbet collageadvbox1

  • …..including wings, fairy masks and a paper mache ass mask for Bottom to use!


  • Lots of huge card, boxes, paint and other things which might look great for scenery in a forest:

Ribbet collageadvbox4

  • A scrap book/ journal to write thoughts, stick pictures and capture the whole summer, with scrap book supplies:

Ribbet collageadvbox2


And everything fits nicely into our huge dressing up box:

Ribbet collageadvbox7

I’m thinking it won’t stay that neat for very long!

13 comments on “A Summer Shakespeare Club: Adventure Box

  1. Oh my goodness, it’s as much as I can do not to jump into the car and zoom down to your village! I wanna be part of your Shakespeare summer!!!
    Have fun… can’t wait to see what creative genius unfolds over the coming weeks.

  2. Good resources! Can’t wait to see what you do with them.

  3. Wow, look at all those great resources! I agree with Lula above – I want to come to your house!

  4. You’re going to have so much fun!

    I’m jealous of all the movies you have. I need to buff up my Shakespeare library soon.

    • The ones acted at the globe are amazing. The actors are the best of the best and really capture the fun of the whole plays!

  5. Wow. WOW! This is going to be great, I can tell. I cannot wait to see how this goes. We will be watching that same The Taming of the Shrew DVD. You’ll have to let me know how it is. I won’t order it until we get closer to viewing. Have a most excellent week.

    • I’ve prewatched it and it is hilarious! How are you managing with your 108 degree temperatures??

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