Shakespeare Unit Study


A Summer Shakespeare Club: Introduction

Summer Shakespeare Club: Making Club T-Shirts


A Summer Shakespeare Club: Adventure Box

Ribbet collageadvbox7

A Summer Shakespeare Club: Meeting the Members


Shakespeare: Midsummer Night’s Dream – Day 1

Ribbet collage day four

Shakespeare: Midsummer Night’s Dream – Day 2

msnd day 2o

Shakespeare: Midsummer Night’s Dream – Day 3

Ribbet collagemsnd19

Shakespeare: Midsummer Night’s Dream – Day 4

Ribbet collagedaythreen

Shakespeare: Midsummer Night’s Dream – Day 5


Shakespeare: Romeo and Juliet – Act I


Shakespeare: Romeo and Juliet Act II


Shakespeare: Romeo and Juliet Act III

Do you bite your tongue at me?

Shakespeare: Romeo and Juliette Act IV


Shakespeare: Romeo and Juliet Act V

Ribbet collagenow

A Shakespeare Summer Club: Project Based Learning

The Summer Shakespeare Club: PBL Choices

Shakespeare Summer Club: Projects Week One

Ribbet collageproject2a

Shakespeare Summer Club: Projects Week Two

Ribbet collageproject2b

Shakespeare Summer Club: Projects Week Three

Midsummer (1)


Shakespeare Summer Club: Projects Week Four

Ribbet Collagewk4f

Shakespeare Summer Club: Performance of A Midsummer Night’s Dream


A Midsummer Night’s Themed Twelfth Birthday


Reflections of a Shakespeare Summer: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Ribbet collagemsnd18


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  1. Thanks Claire. I was hoping you would collate all these together. They are much easier to use when they are like that 🙂

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