Meadowland and Woodland Nature Study


Welcome to week 4 of our nature study.  This week I thought I would give you a walk up past the meadow and through the woodland, past the dead tree we will be studying (next week) and on to the huge ‘Wishing Tree’ we are currently studying.  This will be a photo rich post.  I hope you enjoy the beautiful nature we experience each day….

At this point we have just walked past the meadow and have come to the bridge which stretches over the little brook:

angelicscalliwags nature 1

The children can’t help but climb each time we come here:

angelicscalliwags nature 2

Then it’s through, around, under, and even over the gate:

angelicscalliwags nature 3

Further up:

angelicscalliwags nature 4

And further in:

angelicscalliwags nature 5

angelicscalliwags nature 6

Through the thicket and out into a slight opening:

angelicscalliwags nature 7

Wandering up alone:

angelicscalliwags nature 8

angelicscalliwags nature 9


Reaching a cross roads….which way now?

angelicscalliwags nature 10

Phew, chose the right way, as marked by the dead tree on our left, which we are studying at the same time as the Wishing Tree:

angelicscalliwags nature 11

And just past the dead tree we find our Wishing Tree, the majesty of the opening formed:

angelicscalliwags nature 12

Of course, they all had to join hands, circling the tree whilst making another wish 🙂

angelicscalliwags nature 13

What nature study have you been doing this week?


      1. We had a lovely vacation and then came home to a lot of remodel/refresh projects. No, it isn’t a secret. Just off for a bit while I get myself organized.

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