Blogging my Way through the Alphabet: B is for Bibliotheca


Any home schooler who is reading this will be sitting nodding their head, very possibly sympathising as one addict to another, wondering how on earth it got so out of hand.

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Once upon a time I had a normal life with a normal home.  Yes, we had books, but in the main our walls were, y’know, walls.  And our roof rested atop said walls.  Now we have bibliotheca, or to be more accurate bibliothecas.  In fact, it is a little known fact that we do not live in a cottage.  Oh no.  Our home was simply built around us.  As Mr Amazon Man delivered books each day week day, our beautiful home took form.  Our cottage is in actuality a series of bibliothecas with a roof built over the top.  We have no walls, only piles and piles (and piles) of books.

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You see, one characteristic inherent in almost every home schooler I know is their rather large collection of books.  I am frequently told by non-homeschoolers that we own more books than we could possibly ever need or in deed read.  Ha!  What do they know?  They may have a point.

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We are all mildly addicted to books chez moi and now own more books than we do home.  Humans and bibliothecas really don’t have room to co-exist here at the cottage.  This leaves us with a rather difficult conundrum of what to get rid of….family member or books?  I mean, we truly don’t have room for both, so one must go.  I am attached to both my family and my books, so I am thinking of alternatives.

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Books make jolly good walls and seem to hold our roof on exceptionally well, so I vote for simply continuing to build more rooms actually using the books as walls.  I mean, we will get more space (for the humans) as well as saving on building materials (by using the books).  It’s win-win.  And we can keep all our family members 🙂

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25 comments on “Blogging my Way through the Alphabet: B is for Bibliotheca

  1. Love it! I could get lost for a long time in your walls of books.
    Blessings, Dawn

  2. But then you can’t get the books out and read them because the room will fall over.

    • Lol! You are quite right, of course, but my house hasn’t fallen over yet, so I’ll take that chance!

  3. As innovative and creative a solution as I’ve come to expect from you, Claire. Now I’ll be able to spot your house easily if I ever happen to drive past. Win-win-win!

  4. Think of the insulation value too!

  5. I grew up as a homeschooled kid, so I started out my adult life already owning more books then a small book store. Then I went to university and accumulated all those textbooks (which I saved because I figured I could reuse them when I homeschooled my own kids). Next I married a man who also appreciated books. Now I have four kids starting out on our own homeschooling journey and storing all our books has become a serious problem. I think your idea of simply stacking books and roofing them over to form new rooms is a very viable solution =)

  6. I’d love to come browse through your bookshelves!

  7. If it wasn’t for a garage with boxes and boxes of books, our walls would be held up with books, too. They are such great friends.

  8. ooh… but I do love that idea. 🙂 walls made of books.. sounds like an astute plan. Visiting from blogging through alphabet. I am annette @ a net in time

  9. Enjoyed your pictures! 🙂 I may or may not have some similar shelves 😉

  10. Chasing Slow

    Walls made of books …. beautiful thoughts. We have similar over crowded book walls, baskets and in the walking spaces.

    • Hello! It’s always lovely to get a message from you because it must mean you are feeling a little better. I am so pleased 🙂

  11. Brilliant idea…one can never have too many books. Perhaps not enough space, but not too many books.

  12. anislandfamilybygrace

    Ha! Just read out the part about the cottage being made out of bibliothecas holding up a roof. He merely smiled, knowingly 🙂

  13. anislandfamilybygrace

    That should say, read it out to my husband!

    • Yes, when I read it to my husband and got to the part about building a new room with books, he giggled nervously, not entirely certain whether to take me seriously or not!

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