Introducing ‘Bringing Smart Back!’

I was over at my bloggy friend Karen’s beautiful blog the other day and found a lovely post written about her daughter’s new venture ‘Bringing Smart Back’.

My daughters (all four of them) thoroughly enjoy watching her upbeat youtube videos, so I offered to mention them on my blog.  Here’s why:

  • Karen’s daughter Keilee is a sixteen year old, homeschooled teenager, who has her head screwed on and is incredibly productive.  I stand in awe of all the things she achieves each week, from her princess business to her Etsy business, this is the type of teen I want my children to emulate.  She is busy, productive and happy.  I wanted to do anything I could to support Keilee.
  • Secondly, I like the premise of ‘Bringing Smart Back’, whose tagline reads ‘Where It’s Cool to be Smart!’  Anything which encourages learning in a fun way garners my support!
  • Thirdly, her videos are really good.  She has obviously put a great deal of thought into their production, donning costumes and using her flair for acting.  I think one of my favourite videos (and certainly my youngest two girls’ favourite one) would be Episode Ten ‘Fairy Tales’, where she plays the part of the wolf to very good effect, to show her take on these well-known stories:

But that is not all!  Oh no….Keilee has also invested much time in an accompanying website Bringing Smart Back.  For each 3-8 minute video she has made, Keilee has also written lesson plans to go with them.  Find the Fairy Tale lesson plans here.  Keilee has included lots of hands on activities as well as access to free printables (often from around the web).  And as if that is not enough, she has also created a Pinterest Board for each lesson.  Here is the one for this lesson:

However, there is much more to these videos and lessons.  The real treasure of Keilee is that she is a home school teen and she demonstrates just what a regular, home schooled child can achieve if given the encouragement and time.  It is ‘Bringing Back Smart‘ which has given my teen girls ideas for their project based learning over the next year or so.  Her energy and enthusiasm inspires my children to the same.  Go over and take a peak, if for no other reason than to support a fellow home schooler.  You won’t regret it, I promise.  And could I ask just one more thing?  If you have a Facebook or twitter account, please could you share this post so that more people can get to know Keilee and ‘Bringing Smart Back‘?  Thank you lovely readers 🙂

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  1. Thanks for sharing, Claire. I have always felt that there is less out there about homeschool teens it is why I like your blog so much- you write about your teens and your little ones. June is out at the moment but as soon as she gets back I will be encouraging her to take a look. Thank you for sharing:)

  2. Claire thank you SO very much. This is such an amazing article and Keilee is just giddy about it. We were out all day yesterday and I just read it and Keilee and I were thrilled. Thank you again for your support. And all your kind reader’s support!! Much love.

    • It is absolutely my pleasure, Karen. I wouldn’t have offered it if I didn’t believe in Keelie. I just wish my blog was big enough to help her get to a million followers 🙂

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