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Calling All Potential Homeschool Reviewers!

Review CrewI am posting this again with the hope that some of my blogging friends may see it and opt to pop over to The Homeschool Review Crew to find out more (link at bottom of post).  I also wanted to add this to my last post: Your blogs do not need to be huge blogs; you do not need to have a huge number of followers.  You simply need to be blogging at least one non sponsored post each week and be willing to share your review posts on social media twice (this can be the same medium or different).  That’s it.  Please do consider it.  The Homeschool Review team is a lovely team to work with and alongside, and you will receive all the help you need in your first year.  Read on to learn more:

This year I have had the privilege of being a member of the Homeschool Review Crew.  It felt very scary to even apply, I mean, I had never written a review before and wasn’t sure I would be very good at it to be honest.  I’m so pleased I did though!  I have found, to my surprise, that I really like writing reviews.  It has been wonderful to be the recipient of so many incredible home school products and my family have completely benefited from having access to products they wouldn’t otherwise even known about.

But being a member of the Homeschool Review Crew is so much more than reviewing products!  We have our very own and very active forum, which is there to support not just the writing of the reviews (for which there is an enormous amount of support), but also to support blogging endevours, social media support, and a wonderful praise and pray board.  I am a lurker rather than participator and yet I still feel part of a big family.  The leadership team is incredibly friendly, not to mention supportive, gracious and very appreciative.

I have never felt like I am on my own; the expectations for each review are made very clear which makes writing the reviews that much easier, and best of all you are encouraged to be yourself and write with your own individual style.  You are free to give your honest opinion of each product you review and you even have a great deal of say in which products you review.

All this to say that they are looking for new members to join their team.  If you are a blogger who homeschools one or more of your children, writes fairly regularly (at least one non-sponsored post a week) and would be interested in reviewing home school products click over to the Schoolhouse Review Crew Blog and fill in the application form.  You won’t regret it!  Oh, and please do mention I sent you their way 🙂

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