Dinosaurs unit study

Just popping all our dinosaurs posts in one place.  Each dinosaur post contains many hands on activities as well as writing, maths and science activities.  This was one of the best units we have done together!

Part 1:  Dinosaurumpus

Unit Study-Dinosaur-Hands On

Part 2: Build a Junk Abandtosaurus

Dinosaur-junk model-9

Part 3: An Experiment to Demonstrate how Gastroliths Work


Part 4: Stegasaurus


Part 5: Tricerotops

Dinosaur unit study, triceratops

Part 6: Diplodocus

diplodocus pin

Part 7: Tyrannosaurus Rex


Part 8: How to have an Authentic Paleontologist Dig

Dinosaur Dig 8

Part 9: How to make your own Sedimentary rock

sedimentary rock 2

Part 10: Dinosaur Party Activities


And of course I have a dinosaur pinterest board just in case you need any more ideas 🙂

Do follow the board, or in deed any of my pinterest boards


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