Angelicscalliwags Christmas Traditions # 2: Country Living Magazine

Looking forward to doing this in the coming week ūüôā


For as long back as I can remember I have craved to live in the countryside, in an old house with wooden beams and lots of history to go with it.¬† Even as a teenager I would dream big and get myself all excited about the possibilities.¬† One day‚Ķ. Until that day came, I contented myself with buying ‚ÄėCountry Living‚Äô Magazine.¬† This is, as one would fully expect, a magazine about the ideals of living in the country.¬† For me it was the eye catching photos of traditional houses, with furniture¬†older than the people who reside there; the muted colour schemes; the home made knickknacks to be found in every corner of the living space.¬† Every month I faithfully bought the magazine, so that by the time I got married and Gary and I moved into our first home, I had accumulated hundreds of copies.

Our first home was a…

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  1. Christmas Traditions are awesome. We’ve done the holidays differently the last 9 years than most of our family. We always go on a holiday cruise instead of the exchange of expensive or large presents. This year we moved the cruise forward which means we will be cooking Holiday dinner and deciding on how or if we will decorate the house. Luckily, our kids aren’t very materialistic and this year they are seriously having some difficulty deciding what they want for the gift exchange. One tradition my kids do for me is sing. They pick a song and sing it together and it’s my favorite tradition (even over the cruise).

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