Angelicscalliwags Christmas Traditions # 3: A Christmas Decoration

This year I’ve been felting their decorations…so much fun 🙂



T11 was born just 9 months and three weeks before his twin sisters.  After a very dangerous time giving birth to L naturally and C by emergency caesarean, amounting to no blood pressure or pulse at times for me and four blood transfusions, I discharged myself just two days later to be at home with three babies under the age of one.  In retrospect I was not well enough to be at home, but at the time all I could think of was being reunited with my little baby son.  T, at 9 months, was far too young to understand why his mummy, who he had been with 24 hours a day, was now no longer at home.  It probably affected me more than him, but the yearning to be with him was far stronger than the sense to stay in hospital and recover, so after checking the twins were given the…

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