Angelicscalliwags Christmas Traditions: Christmas Eve

It’s so cold this year that we might just do this a few weeks early so we can spend the rest of December home schooling in onsies 🙂


I do realise I’m posting this after Christmas, but I wanted to include it in my tradition series, without having to wait a whole year to do so.

This is a tradition we have had since Gary and I shared our first Christmas together in our very own flat.  It has changed a little, accommodating the growth in our family, but has basically occurred like clockwork for the past decade and a half.

Sixteen years ago we begun our Christmas eve celebrations by making some ginger cookies, icing them together, whilst a pork roast cooked in the oven.  When we were ready to eat we would snuggle up in our living room, roast on lap, newly decorated biscuits for pud and the Muppet’s Christmas Carol.  And it is at this point I am unsure whether I ought to be blushing a little, because we had no children, no real excuse for watching…

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  1. Such a cute tradition! Our changed dramatically after having children because we used to travel like crazy on Christmas day to see all the grandparents and I decided I didn’t want to drag little ones all around and instead let them enjoy their gifts and toys at home. We started seeing my mom, sisters, brother and that whole side of the family every Chrismtas eve. We get together, have dinner, open all of our gifts from one another and enjoy a Christmas party.

  2. It’s so warm here in our new home, I’m not sure we could do such warm, fuzzy jammies for Christmas 😉 Decorating cookies is a huge part of our annual tradition as well!

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