Homemade Christmas: Storage for Hats and Jewellery


The girls were thrilled with their present from their Daddy.  Gary had been working away in all his spare time creating beautiful and personal gifts for the girls:


For C13 who loves her hats, he made a peg board which he had cut, sanded and carved out the letters H A T S.  Underneath he has drilled holes and placed in cut dowel lengths to create a lovely hanging place for her multitude of hats:


She was over the moon:


For L, who is nuts about her jewellery and makes all of her own and everyone else’s, Gary made a jewellery storage:


Again, she loved it.  This time he carved out the areas around the letters so the letters stood out rather than sunk in like her twin’s one.  I think he preferred this one in terms of aesthetics and ease:


And one year later the girls still adore them, and especially all the hard work which went into making them 🙂

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