Spring Precious Moments {24/03/2018}

Spring Precious Moments {24/03/2018}

I’ve not got much to talk about this week.  Thomas has been doing past papers for the three IGCSEs he is sitting this summer.  He has finished his Engineering BTEC and definitely achieved a credit and may have scraped a distinction.  He is tired, fed up with past papers and can not wait for it all to be over!  Just keepin’ it real 😉

Charlotte is working hard on her Law IGCSE which she will take this summer.  I am testing her for half an hour each day and Granny will be testing her for another half an hour each day.  She struggles to learn stuff verbatim but it is necessary for Law.  The rest of the time she just goes over and over the work hoping some of it will stick.

Lillie is beginning to find her mojo again.  Her photography tutor has been really supportive, and between us we have decided to pay for another 12 months of tutor support, giving Lillie and extra year to finish her diploma.  The stress has lifted and normal Lillie has almost fully returned.

All the children have been practicing their dancing for the new performance with Manna:

They had one of their friends round on Wednesday and I walked into the room and all four of them were on their phones.  I had to capture a photo (of course) but honestly, phones are the bane of my life 🙂

The little ones have been working on their astronomy and finally got round to doing a Venus experiment which I had planned weeks ago.  It was a great demonstration of how probes and radar works:

Apart from these meagre offerings I did not capture any other going-ons in our house.  All of us still feel permanently exhausted.  We have started taking Vitamin D spray and am hoping this might make a difference to our immunity, which has been atrocious this winter.  I am thinking of taking the whole week next week off completely to allow everyone to get their mojo back.  We’ll see.

I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!

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  1. It’s not just you guys this winter. We have had more bugs this winter than any other season I can remember. I think it’s just been one of those years. Hopefully Sping and Summer will bring us all better health. Phones and technology are such tricky areas to handle in this current age, it feels like this generation is a massive experiment. I want to teach my children how to use technology for good and to use it responsibily when they leave home. I think the only answer is prayer. Recently C has been doing the Duke of Edinburgh Award and it has been great for lots of reasons, but I love that that his team mates mostly come from low-tech families too. At least it helps to take away the peer pressure when he knows there are other young people raised like him. It doesn’t solve the problem though that in a few years he will have complete freedom to do what he thinks best with technology, I pray that he will have a heart which chooses to honour God in everything he does.

  2. My boys don’t yet have phones but with all the other technology in their lives we’re already struggling (and I know phones are only a year or two away!).

  3. I sympathise on the past paper fatigue! Hope the Vitamin D spray helps everyone 🙂

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