Precious Moments…. over the last few months….Part One


I have so many memories and photos I want to get into my blog before they get lost and forgotten.  Soooo many.  As in lots and lots.  You may want to switch off 🙂

Like painting concrete garden ornaments for Granny:

Lots of fun science:

Spying with a homemade periscope:

Making our own sundial:

Visiting a local stately home:

Littlest doing what she loves: organising!

My ten year old spy:

A beautiful poster the younger girls made and which we now have hanging above our kitchen door:


This summer was so hot we had weeks and weeks of no rain.  This was the girls dancing in the first rain, big thick rain drops:

Cookie decorating with their big sisters:

To be continued…

4 comments on “Precious Moments…. over the last few months….Part One

  1. Love these photo snippets!

  2. Lovely little catch up.
    Blessings, Dawn

  3. Brilliant- I also have an almost 10 year old ‘spy’! Lovely photos.

  4. So much fun! I love the dancing in the rain.
    Your littlest is perfectly welcome to come here and organize my house if she wants 🙂

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