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Living a Lovely Lock-down

We’re about to go into lock-down in the UK for the second time this year. Once again, we will have 8 people milling about what should be a two bedroomed cottage. We are seasoned (well, compared to last time) lock-downers and yet each one of us has reacted to the news of a second lock-down. I suspect this one will be harder than the first, given it is in winter rather than spring/summer.

Setting Goals

Gary came up with the idea of us all setting some goals so that at the end of the lock-down we feel accomplished. Becca wants to study a famous artist and learn to paint like them; Abigail wants to master pastry making; Lillie wants to learn animation whilst Charlotte wants to publish her second poetry book. We all chose five goals and they were the principal ones of the girls. The boys? Well, their goal was to make goals – all three pointed out that they were working and that was enough goal for one year. Okaaaaaay….

Actually, Gary has come up with one lock-down goal which is to finish the gazebo/patio area that Thomas began last year. Granny has gifted us with a swinging bench seat which will fit there perfectly!

My Own Five Goals

I made five goals and I’m sharing them here. If you’d like to join in, please do. I shall post each day and you can share what you are doing/have done in the comments section – it might be quite fun to keep us all accountable and busy during this weird lock-down season of our lives.

Without further ado, here are my goals for the next four weeks:

Lock-down Goal One: Spring clean the house autumnal style

I will spend 20 minutes on as many rooms as I can each day. I will take a before and after photo of the area I am spring cleaning. My goal is that I finish the whole house before lock-down ends.

How did I do yesterday? (Yes, I started three days early – enthusiastic…that’s me 😁 )

My Study: I chose to tidy and clean the lowest shelf. It houses the printer and the hard-drive and is always a dumping ground:

Bottom shelf before
Bottom shelf after

Hallway: I did a general tidy, but focused on the filthy larder cupboard doors. The bottom of them are splattered with mud from the dog and the middle part where it is opened and shut is just, well, filthy:


After – cleaner but really could do with a quick paint

Kitchen: I just tidied around the window and windowsill

Cleared and cleaned

Bathroom: I cleaned around the window sill, the window, de-molded the walls and the yellow cabinet and threw out all out of date cosmetics:

After (yes the photo is lighter – my cleaning isn’t that good!)

I also spent twenty minutes cleaning the dining table of stuff left over from the girls’ 18th and another twenty minutes organising school stuff for the next month or so.

Lock-down Goal Two: I am going to lose one stone by the end of lock-down

I am going to do this by keeping myself busy with spring cleaning, as well as eating just three meals a day and one snack-sized snack…

Yesterday, I ate porridge with blueberries, almonds, chia seeds and banana for brunch and a lovely shepherd’s pie with roasted veg and steamed veg for dinner.

Lock-down Goal Three: To use up all the Abel and Cole fruit and veg boxes with no waste

This week we have had purple carrots, squash and orange and pink beetroots, as well as green cauliflower and sprouting broccoli…oh and some bok-choi. We also have lots of likes and dislikes, allergies and sensitivities, some who need meat and others who hate meat and need more veg…all this makes for complicated cooking. Someone is always disappointed!

Yesterday, I made use of the yellow and pink beetroot, squash and purple carrots by oven baking them. Yummy!

Look at all those lovely colours

I made a shepherd’s pie and served it with some purple sprouted broccoli, cauliflower and courgettes. Very tasty, and it used up some of the unusual veg we had in the fridge.

Lock-down Goal Four: Not to spend any money for the next four weeks on non-essentials

I didn’t spend any money at all yesterday 😇

Lock-down Goal Five: To prepare for an Edwardian Christmas

I looked through our Edwardian Christmas book to get some ideas, and watched the Christmas episode of Edwardian Farm:

What are your goals for this second lock-down season?

2 comments on “Living a Lovely Lock-down

  1. These are some lovely goals! Best of luck on them.

  2. I look forward to following along. Your goals are fantastic. I did so much to our home during the first lockdown.
    Blessings, Dawn

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