Living a Lovely Lock-down: Day 2

The girls are doing wonderfully on their lovely lock-down goals. Gary too, actually…but the boys, well, they are working and that is enough goal for them!

Lovely Lockdown goals: The Girls


Lillie has been creating the most incredible art with her Ipad pro. This is a piece which is half of a photo and half a graphic drawing of herself:

Lovely Lock-down

This is a close up of a woman:

lovely lock-down

And another:

lovely lockdown

This is part of another art project on vitiligo disease:

She is studying Visual Communications at uni, and has a project promoting mask wearing in a positive way. I will share bits of that project as she goes along as the end piece will be an animation (her main goal). However, another of her goals is to create art that she can sell, and her first commercial piece has been the front cover of her sister’s latest book, which will hopefully be a series of adult crime fiction:

Becca and Abigail

Becca has been focused on getting her art area clean and tidy, and has been going through all of her art boxes and organising all her art supplies. That was one of her smaller goals so that she could focus on learning about Vincent Van Gogh:

Abigail’s main goal was to master pastry, and she has been flicking through cook books and I think will probably go with Delia Smith.

Both girls have had their gymnastics (Becca) and drama (Abigail) cancelled and we will be getting a refund for the classes they won’t attend. I am giving them the money to buy supplies for the goals they have set, which is making them even more excited at the prospect of their lovely lock-down goals!


Charlotte has goals pertaining to her writing. She just won a poetry competition for a signed copy of one of her favourite poet’s poems, and is anxious to finish her next poetry book and publish it:

She is also working alongside her sister in designing the front cover of her book (in photo above). I always knew they would work together in some capacity 😍

Whilst not strictly a girl, I will include Gary here none the less! Gary has been busy outside each evening working on the gazebo/patio, and it is already starting to take shape:

Right now he is placing the sleepers around the edge in readiness for some slabs a friend has gifted us

My Lovely Lock-down Goals

Lock-down Goal One: Spring Cleaning the House

Yesterday, I went upstairs and did a thorough clean of Thomas’ room:

I spent most of my time on the upstairs bathroom, whose window was almost as bad as the bathroom window:


The bookcase in the bathroom I did separately:


And lastly the bookcase in the upstairs hallway:


I also cleaned the window above the stairs…am wondering when the last time any windows in my house have been cleaned, or in deed if they have ever been cleaned!

Lock-down Goal Two: I am going to lose one stone by the end of lock-down

Yesterday, I ate porridge for brunch and salmon, oven baked paprika chipped new potatoes and some really tasty green cauliflower, courgettes and carrots for dinner. I snacked on ten minstrels.

Lock-down Goal Three: To use up all the Abel and Cole fruit and veg boxes with no waste

Yesterday, I encouraged the children to eat as much fruit as they wanted. We had been sent lots and lots of pears in our boxes last week. Not a fruit that we necessarily adore, although most will eat them. So I encouraged and encouraged and our fruit bowl is slowly going down.

We also had what we assumed was either pale broccoli or green cauliflower which I used up for dinner. We were all working out what it could be called… a brocciflower? A cauloccili? However, once we had tasted it, we realised that it was definitely a cauliflower which tasted sweeter than its white counterpart:

Lock-down Goal Four: Not to spend any money for the next four weeks on non-essentials

I spent £54 on food and on pet food, but didn’t buy anything that was not needed.

Lock-down Goal Five: To prepare for an Edwardian Christmas

I have begun perusing this and this website at night and jotting down some more ideas.

How have you done with your goals?

2 comments on “Living a Lovely Lock-down: Day 2

  1. The green cauliflower is often referred to as Broccoflower here. I’ve been trying to get my boys to eat more fruit too as we get a box of fruits and veggies every week and it seems like the new gets put on top of the old and then the older ones just sit there (even when I try to bury them; they dig them out!).

  2. I love your Edwardian Christmas idea. That sounds so lovely. Lillie’s drawings are amazing, stunning and compelling.
    Blessings, Dawn

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