Living a Lovely Lock-down: Day 3

Before I write this post, I need to put a caveat in place. Lillie as you know is doing a Foundation Diploma in Art and Design (Visual Communication). She has been exploring mask wearing and the Covid situation. Her point of view is unique in that we bubble with my 76 year old mum; we have a high risk asthmatic in Ads and Charlotte’s health has been so appalling this past while that the very idea she could come down with a nasty infection is abhorrent to us. However, this is not the caveat. Lillie’s final piece is a play on the song lyrics ‘You’re never fully dressed without a smile’. For this piece, she has painted a Greek statue (yes, typically Greek with no clothes on) wearing a face mask. I hummed and haaahed about putting it up on my blog, but I personally do not have an issue with the human body in all its glory, but I realise that this may offend others with its obvious immodesty. So I am warning all my lovely readers that there is a potentially offensive picture at the end of this post. I have placed it last so that if you wish to avoid it you can. Just close the post as soon as you get to the title of ‘Lillie’s art’ and I can assure you that you will not need to look at it.

Now back to my goals…

Lovely Lockdown goals: The Girls

Becca has gone through every single one of her art boxes and organised her supplies, and has finished cleaning around her desk. She dragged Abigail upstairs to begin going through all their clothes to get rid of what does not fit and to organise the rest, and they made a good start over a couple of hours (gasp!) this afternoon.

As well as the clothes organising, she spent a very happy morning making her very first short crust pastry:

She blind baked them and added jam to make some delicious looking tarts:

She is wanting us all to critique them so she can improve next time. Granny has already had one and whilst she enjoyed it, she said that it had maybe been over worked. Abigail is AMAZING at taking criticism, and was really grateful to have Granny’s honest opinion.

Lillie has been working her magic on a very simple animation of Corona viruses hammering away at a mask that someone is wearing. She has used the war poster ‘We want YOU’ with a finger pointing towards the reader of the poster. Once she has finished I shall attempt to put it up on my blog if I can.

Charlotte finally got a diagnosis for her symptoms over the past three years – she has fibromyalgia and ME. W still don’t know what is causing the focal seizures, but we do at least know what they are now.

Gary’s Lovely Lock-down Goals

Gary is getting into this whole goal thing, and is thinking about wood working projects and a dart board(!). For now though, he continues to work on his gazebo:

Whilst chatting with his son:

My Lovely Lock-down Goals

Lock-down Goal One: Spring Cleaning the House

I am half way through cleaning the fridge. I needed to take Ads to do his entrance exam for Oxford university, which ate a lot of my time up. That and an unusually anxious Thomas. I tell you, lock-down is hardest on the young adults. So I have a before picture of my very, very disorganised fridge, but as I haven’t finished it yet I don’t have an ‘after’ photo. So I shall keep them for another day 😁

Lock-down Goal Two: I am going to lose one stone by the end of lock-down

We celebrated getting Charlotte a diagnosis last night with a sweet and sour chicken with egg fried rice.

Lock-down Goal Three: To use up all the Abel and Cole fruit and veg boxes with no waste

I used up some golden beetroot and ruby beetroot, some purple carrots, a whole squash and some parsnips in a beautiful roasted vegetable dish:

Bakking it with some hand picked rosemary:

Lock-down Goal Four: Not to spend any money for the next four weeks on non-essentials

I did not buy anything unessential yesterday

Lock-down Goal Five: To prepare for an Edwardian Christmas

This possibly could have gone in the use up the vegetables goal but also fits nicely with this one. I spent a rather lovely afternoon finely chopping and layering red cabbage, onions, garlic, apple, cinnamon, cloves and salt and pepper to get a head start on our Edwardian Christmas and create a side dish of red cabbage and apple casserole, which I shall freeze:

These have been slow cooking all afternoon and making the house smell heavenly!

Lillie’s Art

Okay, this is the time to look away, should you prefer 😘

Lillie designed her own cover of Vogue by utilising the black lives matter movement, and Covid 19

The following photos are her sketches and design process, which are plastered all over the walls of the shed/art studio:

And last but not least, the beginnings of her final piece, based on a greek statue, wearing a mask, which will have the headline ‘You’re never fully dressed without your mask!’:

How are you all enjoying lock-down?

2 comments on “Living a Lovely Lock-down: Day 3

  1. You all sound so productive!

  2. I think Lillie’s art is marvelous. I am amazed by all the wonderful things you all are getting done. It seems like I spent half of lock down painting ceilings. It needed to be done and improved the house so much….but, not very exciting to look at.
    Blessings, Dawn

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