An Activity to Illustrate the Flight Path Trajectory to the Moon

Learning About the Flight Path Trajectory to the Moon In order to send a spacecraft up to the moon one does not actually send it

Working in Zero Gravity

A Simulation of Working in Zero-Gravity

This post explores what it might be like Working in Zero-Gravity conditions. Introduction to Working in Zero-Gravity On earth we are used to working with

Lunar Landing Module

Stem Activity: Design a Lunar Landing Module

We have been finishing the moon chapter in our Apologia Astronomy book, and having waaay too much fun!  There was one activity which, thanks to

Life of Fred: Cats Review Booklet – Free Printable!

Life of Fred: Cats Printable – Introduction My newest download, Life of Fred: Cats Printable review booklet, was created to be used alongside Life of


Mystery Of History: Lesson Nine – Gilgamesh

Having already covered Gilgamesh with the littles a couple of years ago I wondered if I should maybe skip it.  I mean, we had studied

Astronomy Unit Study: Unit Five – Planet Earth

Welcome to unit five of our astronomy studies!  Lately, we have been learning all about Planet Earth. As before, we have been using Apologia’s Exploring

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