Frugal Goals: Five in Five

Well, this is my last goal post focussed on the next five weeks.  This one is all about saving a few pennies and learning more

Home Making – Soap Nuts

Over the past year I have tried out many different recipes for home-made laundry soap.  We have very hard water and to be honest I

Angelicscalliwags Frugal Challenge Update

Our income has dropped considerably over the past year and because of more governmental changes we will no longer be receiving any kind of tax

Angelicscalliwags Frugal Challenge: September sum Up

Welcome to the September sum for our financial goal of paying of our mortgage in five years.  If you’ve been reading this blog for some

Angelicscalliwags Frugal Challenge: August Sum Up

Welcome to the August edition of our Frugal Challenge. It has struck me recently how much saving money is like losing weight.  There are many

Angelicscalliwags Challenge: July Sum Up

For all my other posts in the series see here.  My last post was written in March, 4 months ago!  We are still at it. 

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