Learning the Art Basics: Colour Theory

This is a copy of Lillie's eighth art lesson, which was all about colour theory. The final task was to create a colour still life of fruit. She loved this lesson and learnt such a lot that she will be able to apply to her jewellery making in the future. This time, instead of a…


Shakespeare: Midsummer Night’s Dream – Day 1

Pre study The children read Midsummer Night's Dream from the following books to familiarise themselves with the story: I also bought this beautiful book.  The pictures are mesmerising and the story well told.  It was really important that the children completely understood the story of this play because their project would be based on Midsummer…


Beautiful in God’s Eyes

Last year the girls and I discovered a rather wonderful way to carry out a bible study, which was to art journal our way through the bible.  We started with Proverbs 31 and thoroughly enjoyed each Wednesday evening together, learning more about being a woman of God.  It was so enjoyable we asked some friends…