My Little Cutie-Pie

Lillie and Becca have always been close. Really, really close. I think probably Lillie is like a second mum to Becs. Over the past few years, Lil has invested hours and hours into her younger sisters. And, of course, Becca and Lillie are my two artists and have a lot in common. The relationship between…


Gary’s Coming Home!!!

Gary saw the doctors, had blood taken to check infection under control and has been told he can come home today!!!! I'm so excited! Thank you all so much for your prayers, comments, emails, texts and offers of help.  I can't tell you how supported both Gary and I have felt.  We never had to…


Thanks Everyone!

Gary is out of surgery and groggy but well.  It all seems to have gone to plan, and he will hopefully be back home tomorrow <3 Thank you all so much for your prayers  <3