When your five year old thinks she knows more than you…

“Mummy.”  It was said as a statement.  There stood my five year old, arms crossed, eyes serious. “Yes, darling?  How can I help?”  I answered,

Please can you pray?

The severe abdominal cramps Gary was having yesterday turned out to be acute appendicitis.  He has been in hospital since yesterday and is due to

Precious Moments

This week we had Gary’s parents visit, which they do each year over T’s birthday.  I already posted about T’s birthday gathering which was both

A Very Special Birthday

Yesterday was my son’s birthday.  He turned fourteen.  Fourteen!!  Really?  Seriously, how did that happen? T has had a really great year this year.  His

Precious Holiday Moments

Apologies for the long post, I’m attempting to cram four weeks worth of memories into one post.  Here’s what we got up to over Christmas:

Christmas Traditions: Annual Christmas Party

Just wanted to add a quick post to my Christmas Traditions page.  We began this only three years ago, but it feels like I can

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