My Struggling Maths Student is Struggling No Longer

Over Christmas I noticed a revolution going on.  It was occurring so quietly, lead by my calmest and quietest child, but a revolution none the

Investigating Quadrilaterals: Angles and Tessellations

The first thing I wanted to do was have a look at angles.  Although T11 has done lots of work with them, the girls have

Helping a Struggling Maths Student: Quadrilaterals – Part Two

Discovery goals this week: Revise the quadrilaterals of last week Go over the nets of a cube ensuring each of the 11 nets are found

Helping a Struggling Maths Student: Investigating Quadrilaterals

Goals of this week’s maths fun: To discover the shapes and names of all the quadrilaterals To be able to recognise each of them as plain mathematical

Helping a Struggling Maths Student: Learning Without a Curriculum and Using a Maths Informationary

I’m not entirely sure I have what it takes to do this.  This being teaching Maths without a curriculum.  It seems a bit daunting.   Bearing

Helping a Struggling Math Student: Utilising a foreign number system with a base 4

Please excuse the terrible photos.  The children are rehearsing a play they have written and are intending to act out for my birthday.  The living

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