Today, my daughter…

….wrote to the local politician with regards to raising the profile of human slavery.  She has also written to David Beckham (child slavery is one

Angelicscalliwags Catch Up and Plans for Next Year: Lillie

I am so excited about Lillie’s school work this year!  I think she is going to have an absolute ball, and I am completely jealous

Exploring Africa Through Jewellery by L13

Hello, I am L13.  I am Claire’s quieter and somewhat more creative twin.  Over the past year I have become very interested in home-made jewellery,

Project Based Homeschooling: Mona Lisa Picture Study

Great Resources to Have on Hand Becoming Leonardo L decided to journal as she did her research and called her journal ‘Becoming Leonardo’.   Her goal

Project Based Homeschooling: Gutenberg’s Printing Press

Great Resources to have on hand   Making a Wooden Model of the Printing Press We had already done a bit of work on the

Project Based Learning: Leonardo Da Vinci and His Ornithopter

Although the area of flight was a topic T12 would be covering extensively, I thought we’d do a very quick group activity, exploring Leonardo’s fixation

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