Angelicscalliwags Catch Up and Plans for Next Year: Lillie

I am so excited about Lillie’s school work this year!  I think she is going to have an absolute ball, and I am completely jealous

Exploring Africa Through Jewellery by L13

Hello, I am L13.  I am Claire’s quieter and somewhat more creative twin.  Over the past year I have become very interested in home-made jewellery,

Project Based Homeschooling: Mona Lisa Picture Study

Great Resources to Have on Hand Becoming Leonardo L decided to journal as she did her research and called her journal ‘Becoming Leonardo’.   Her goal

Project Based Homeschooling: Gutenberg’s Printing Press

Great Resources to have on hand   Making a Wooden Model of the Printing Press We had already done a bit of work on the

Project Based Learning: Leonardo Da Vinci and His Ornithopter

Although the area of flight was a topic T12 would be covering extensively, I thought we’d do a very quick group activity, exploring Leonardo’s fixation

Project Based Learning: Individual Leonardo Da Vinci Projects

This term we are focusing on Leonardo Da Vinci.  We spent most of last week looking through the resources and getting a feel for what

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