Project Based Learning: Individual Leonardo Da Vinci Projects

This term we are focusing on Leonardo Da Vinci.  We spent most of last week looking through the resources and getting a feel for what

Project Based Learning – Making a Bug Observatory

You remember the Bug Adventure box I made up for the little ones to help with their chosen bug project?  There was a reason I

Plans for this Term

We have a short six-week term ahead of us and are planning to keep ourselves busily ensconced in project work.  Our experiment last term was

Medieval Banquet

We did it.  After almost twelve weeks of preparation and work, and feeling like we would simply never be ready, the day of the banquet

Medieval Fashions: Knight’s Lady

C11 is doing her presentation at the feast on medieval fashions.  She had made a fabulous start, creating a hand sewn costume for her medieval

T’s Home-Made Go-Cart

T12 has been busy making himself a go-cart, which he intends to race against his friend.  T had been chuntering on as he so often

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