Life of Fred: Butterflies Review Booklet – Free Printable!

About nine months ago, Gary got me Publisher, to fulfil my desire to create my own note pages.  The reason I wanted to do this

Five Maths Baggies: Mathematical Activities for Quiet Time

My younger two girls are not quite the readers their older brother and sisters were at their age.  The older ones would have happily read

Living Maths Resources for Fun Homeschool Maths: Maths Quest – The Museum of Mysteries

You all know how much I now enjoy teaching maths, especially since the addition of Life of Fred and the subtraction of traditional curriculum.  One

Homeschool Living Maths – Life of Fred: Butterflies

 Learning Maths with Life of Fred: Butterflies The girls are still enjoying our hands on approach to maths.  We have just finished learning maths with

Life of Fred: Apples – Mathematics Exploration {Archimedes}

Each Life of Fred book we use I will be keeping my eyes open for something the girls can dig a bit deeper into, thus

Maths Investigations using Penrose, the Mathematical Cat: Investigating Polygons

I have written before about our change to a living maths approach using Life of Fred as our backbone, and I think I might have

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