One Year Pond Study

Inspired by Ticia’s idea to collate all my Native American Posts in one place, I thought I would tidy up my blog a bit and

If You Go Down to the Pond Today…….

….you’re sure to get a surprise! (sung badly out of tune to ‘if you go into the woods today…) You may or may not remember

Week 50 – Looking Back Over Twelve months of our Pond

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Week 49: One Year Pond Study: Bird Study – Moor Hens

We have two resident Moorhens, who have been there each time we have visited the pond this year.  We have never seen them fly, they

One Year Pond Study: Week 47 – A Quick Visit and a Surprise

Here is our pond this week: Spring is finally peeking around the corner and the trees are responding afresh with buds for a new season. 

One Year Pond Study: Week 44 – Winter Ash Tree Study

I’m really enjoying these last visits to the pond.  Looking back over the year, especially over the seasonal activities we have done, it is satisfying

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