Woodland Nature Study: A New Pond

This week Gary accompanied us to some ponds which are in the middle of the woods, we did no studies, just enjoyed a new to

Flower Fairies: Horse Chestnut Fairy

I am still catching up on posts I should have written before Christmas.  We took this nature walk some time in November when we chose

Meadowland and Woodland Nature Study

Up near the huge Wishing tree I noticed a very old and very dead rotting tree trunk.  I rubbed my hands together in glee, anticipating

Meadowland and Woodland Nature Study

Welcome to week 4 of our nature study.  This week I thought I would give you a walk up past the meadow and through the

Meadowland and Woodland Nature Study: Week 1

This year our nature studies will be focused on nearby meadowland and woodland.  We have just begun to go for daily walks once again and

One Year Pond Study

Inspired by Ticia’s idea to collate all my Native American Posts in one place, I thought I would tidy up my blog a bit and

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