Project Based Learning: Endangered Animals – Tigers

Last summer I was wracking my brains to try to find a project that would hold A8’s attention for longer than about five minutes.  As

Exploring Africa Through Jewellery by L13

Hello, I am L13.  I am Claire’s quieter and somewhat more creative twin.  Over the past year I have become very interested in home-made jewellery,

Africa: Religion, Myth and Music (A Post by C13)

Hi, I am C13,   Claire’s younger twin.   As you may have guessed from previous posts I am a vivacious and fun loving teenager.☺ I am

Project Based, Authentic Learning This Term

I have put a lot of thought into what I wanted the children to cover and learn this term.  Gary and I had decided we

Shakespeare Unit Study

A Summer Shakespeare Club: Introduction Summer Shakespeare Club: Making Club T-Shirts A Summer Shakespeare Club: Adventure Box A Summer Shakespeare Club: Meeting the Members Shakespeare: Midsummer Night’s Dream –

Shakespeare Summer Club: Projects Week Four

Things went a bit manic this week, and yet it was probably the most exciting week we’ve had.  All the children’s hard work was about

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