Astronomy Unit Study: Unit Four – Planet Venus

Welcome to unit four of our astronomy studies!  Lately, we have been learning all about Planet Venus. As before, we have been using Apologia’s Exploring

Astronomy: Unit One – The Solar System

We used the Apologia Text Book and accompanying Notebook.  I also have access to Everyday Astronomy from School House Teachers, as well as lots of

Review of Science Shepherd

As you all know, my seven-year old daughter wants to be a scientist when she grows up.  She really does love all things science, so

An Experiment to Demonstrate how Gastroliths Help a Dinosaur Digest its Food

Last week in our dinosaur unit we learnt that Stegosaurus, our dinosaur of the week, was a herbivore and ingested stones known as gastroliths (a

Science using Literature: Andrew Lost Series

Do you have a child who, for whatever reason, is not ready for a formal science curriculum?  I do.  A7 has struggled to both read

IGCSE: Biological Science: Revision Session for Bones

The following is the specification for the Edexcel Human Biology IGCSE.  Part Four is all to do with Form and Movement and requires the student

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