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Spar-Klean Science (Age 10+) Apologies, I am still attempting to organise my blog by grouping like posts together.  These are all my posts within my

2014-2015 School Year: Science

I always maintain science is our weakest area in our little homeschool.  I am so pleased I keep a blog because to my surprise, when

Spar-Klean Science: What is the dirtiest place in the kitchen?

We did this experiment along side our dish cloth verses the loo germ growing fest. First we made the agar from gelatin, bouillon and water:

Spar-Klean Science – Is the loo really cleaner than the dish cloth?

I need to be honest and say I am posting this against my better judgement.  I mean, no one is going to want to eat

Spar-Klean Science – The Science Behind Microfiber Cloths

As you all might recall, I have been trying to reduce the chemicals I buy, reduce the amount of money I spend at the same

Spar-Klean Science: Home-Made Washing Up Liquid

I’ve tried lots of recipes over the past few months and none have worked from an aesthetic point of view.  Sure they all cleaned, they

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