Easter Adventure Box for the Littles

Contents of our Easter Adventure Box
Contents of our Easter Adventure Box

Next week begins a four-week stint into our Easter Adventure boxes.  The idea behind the boxes is to give the children some structure, without it being too much like school time.  It is also a great excuse for some less serious schooling but with lots of learning still happening.  The older ones are going to follow in the footsteps of Marco Polo and visit China.  The younger ones are being introduced to Mr Men and Little Misses.

At the moment, every Friday is spent playing and learning with Thomas the Tank Engine.  I want this to change at the end of this academic year to a different book character.  The choice is between Eric Carle books, Mr Men and Dr Seuss books.  I’m trying out Mr Men for four weeks now to see if I think they will hold the attention of the younger girls for a year.  Mr Men appeals to me because

  1. We already have a lot of Mr Men themed things
  2. Mr Men are such simple characters to reproduce in felt and foam
  3. They are lovely and colourful, bright and cheerful and I think they’d make a lovely addition to our end of week studies next year
  4. There is a wide variety of stories available in book, on CD and on DVD

I have also sent off for a Mr Men themed maths book and printed out lots of colouring-in and activity sheets.  Simple but fun.

Other Mr Men resources:




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